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40+ Ways to Join SF’s “Climate Action Month”

April is “Climate Action Month” here’s 40+ free events and easy tips for things you can do at home, how you can help and who to support
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Join the San Francisco community for a variety of events, activities, and workshops during the third annual Climate Action Month. Explore virtual opportunities (and a few Covid-safe outdoor events) that support and celebrate our environment, our families, and our communities.

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There are so many options to choose from and best of all, over 40 of these activities, workshops and events are FREE.  Join an event, give or get support, read, watch, or listen. Many of these activities are family friendly, and all are inspiring and empowering.

Climate Month Links: Join an Event | Give Support, Get Support | Read, Watch, ListenYouth & Families | Take Action Everyday | SF Climate Action Plan

Here are some ideas to get you started:

San Francisco Climate Action Month Events

April 2021

Featured Events

Full list of 40+ Climate Action Month events >

How to set up a healthy home in San Francisco
On April 10, the SF Department of the Environment will hold a free online workshop and provide tips to having a healthy home. Learn more about factors contributing to indoor air pollution, safer cleaning and disinfection alternatives and methods and managing pests without using poisonous products.

Top 10 things to know in San Francisco about climate change
April 17, Cyndy Comerford, Climate Program Manager at the San Francisco Department of the Environment, will provide a presentation on how climate change will affect our local communities, especially the most vulnerable, and the solutions available to address these near and long-term impacts. Comerford also provides an update on the City of San Francisco’s Climate Action Plan and details how you can get involved. 

Want to help others with food insecurity challenges?
Join the SF Department of the Environment on April 24 along with a panel of amazing organizations who are recovering edible food for people in the community who need it most. Learn how you can be part of the solution, so that food is not wasted and helps those most in need.

Youth and Family Activities

SF Environment provides free year-round environmental education programs and curriculum to all PK-12 public and independent schools in San Francisco. Connect children with nature using educational resources, games, and activities.

Discover SF’s Pollinator & Native Plant Gardens

San Francisco is located in a global biodiversity hotspot. Our city is home to many beautiful parks, natural areas, and an astounding diversity of birds, rare and endangered species, and over 500 native plants. Connecting to nature is critically important for social, emotional and physical health. 

Give Support, Get Support

During the pandemic, our vulnerable communities and local businesses need our help most. Support, donate, or volunteer with an organization in need.

Take Action Everyday

Tips, tricks, and resources to live healthier, save money, and support the environment every day.

Restore & Connect with Nature

Waste Nothing, Live Healthier

Travel Sustainably

Save Energy and Money

Create a Personal Climate Action Plan

Calculate your carbon footprint and set personal goals by using My Climate Action Plan (MyCAP), a tool created by the Business Council on Climate Change (BC3) in collaboration with Trello and Cool Climate Network.

Read, Watch, Listen 

Dive into educational and inspirational books, films, and more. Explore the list of curated recommendations by Department of the Environment staff and our network of partner organizations.

See the full list of recommendations (books, films, TED Talks, etc..)

About the San Francisco Department of the Environment

The San Francisco Department of the Environment provides solutions that advance climate protection and enhance quality of life for all San Franciscans. Learn More | Get Involved | Environmental Jobs & Internships in SF