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Exploratorium Pop-Ups

Until its reopening in April, The Exploratorium’s mini-exhibits pop up all over SF | Jan-March
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Now that The Exploratorium is temporarily closed and getting ready for its move to Pier 15 in April 2013, get ready for Exploratorium “pop-up” mini exhibits to fill the void in the months prior to the grand re-opening.

From January through March 2013, Exploratorium Explainers will be showing up in unexpected places in San Francisco making people notice and engage with the world around them, and to shaking them out of their everyday routines.

Donning bright orange vests, the Explainers will help people trace shadows, observe clouds, perform magic tricks, or use goofy goggles to change your view of the world.

In January, locations will vary throughout San Francisco. In February and March, they will be spending most of their time along the Embarcadero and in front of Pier 15, the Exploratorium’s future home.

Pop-up locations will be tweeted the day of.

>>Follow @theexplainers on Twitter for pop-up locations