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Fear Overload Scream Park 2018 | 10% Off Tickets

Two haunted attractions, named “Best in the West” by Forbes. Exclusive 10% off tickets
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Welcome to one of the most outrageous haunted house events in the Bay Area. As seen on CBS, ABC, Fox, and Forbes, Fear Overload Scream Park offers two “absolutely sickening” haunted houses.

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Fear Overload Scream Park
Open through November 3, 2018
Bayfair Center, 15555 e. 14th St., San Leandro
Free Parking at the Century Theaters parking lot.

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  • General Admission – $23.39 $25.99 (Sun through Fri) $27.89 $30.99 (Sat & Oct 31)
  • Fast Pass – $29.69 $32.99 (Sun through Fri) $31.49 $34.99 (Sat & Oct 31)
  • Immediate Admission – $38.69 $42.99 (Sun through Fri) $45.89 $50.99 (Sat & Oct 31)

2018 Attractions

The Washroom
Unclean and very daunting, The Washroom contains some fiendishly unhappy spirits that all passed into the afterlife while they were in this very washroom. Now they are bound there for all eternity and they are very lonely… and malicious. Just whatever you do, don’t look directly into the eyes of the girl with long black hair. Enter this attraction with only one dim flashlight per group!

Amnesia Ward
You wake up. You do not remember how you got to where you are. You are in a hospital ward. Only this hospital is not sanitary nor under control of any kind. No, this hospital is overrun by lunatics, crazies, and psychos and you are right in the middle of it. No time to find out what happened, but know this: there was an outbreak of something deadly within the vicinities of the hospital. It has made the already sick patients even sicker, but you yourself are not entirely infected. You must navigate your way out successfully, or you will wind up junk food for the other patients…


  • 7pm to 10pm (Sun. through Thu.)
  • 7pm to Midnight (Starting Oct 13th for Fri. and Sat. + Halloween Night)
  • Glowstick Fright Nights – November 2-3 only