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Green Apple Books’ Brand New Store

Green Apple Books is expanding their produce section.
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Have you stopped by for a bite of Green Apple Books?  If you haven’t tried out their award-winning store in the Richmond, you can now catch them at their new store opening in the Inner Sunset on August 1st. That’s right, your new favorite bookstore is expanding their produce section to satiate the appetites of hungry SF book-addicts.

They’ll be sharing their new pad with Le Video. Do you know what that means? Your evening of rewinding that VHS tape from Le Video will be slightly more pleasant because you can wait while reading your new book you got from Green Apple. Plus, their new store will still hold sweet events like the ones they usually arrange over at their old store.

Check them out

Green Apple Books Richmond
506 Clement St.

Green Apple Books Sunset
1231 9th Ave.