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Journey to the End of the Night

Be one of 2,000+ for this huge, wild scavenger hunt chase throughout SF
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For one night, drop your relations, your work, your leisure, and all your usual motives for movement and action, and let yourself be drawn by the chase.

Journey to the End of the Night is an annual free street game / scavenger hunt of epic proportions with nearly 2,000 people participating, all by foot or by Muni. Make it through the checkpoints as fast as you can, while avoiding being caught by chasers. Those who fall will become chasers themselves, rising in un-death to pursue the remaining runners.

Journey to the End of the Night
Saturday, October 8, 2016 | 5 to 11:30 pm
Fort Mason Center, 2 Marina Blvd., SF
, but an RSVP is required and donations appreciated

How to Play? Gameplay is like virus tag: players try to make it through the checkpoints spread around the city without getting tagged, and if they are tagged by a chaser, they become a chaser as well. Throughout the course, teams of artists set up interactive stations (checkpoints) that the players try to reach as they travel through the evening.

Players who manage to find all the checkpoints without getting tagged will go to the end zone to celebrate with other players.

The game was originally designed by San Francisco natives Sam Lavigne and Ian Kizu-Blair as well as Sean Mahan, and it has since been run in cities around the globe. It was created to expose players to the delight of urban exploration and underutilized public spaces throughout the city, as well as to provide artists with a platform for creating surreal experiences at checkpoint locations.

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