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Lake Merritt Free Boat Rental Day

It’s nearly 80 degrees on Saturday, spend it on the water in Oakland
By - posted 5/19/2017

The Lake Merritt Boating Center is celebrating National Safe Boating Week with free boat rentals and an open house. If past years are any indication, you can get ½ hour of free time floating around picturesque Lake Merritt.

Lake Merritt Boating Center
National Safe Boating Week Open House
Saturday, May 20, 2017
– Free boat rentals 11 am to 5 pm
– Rentals on free boat days are for ½ hour
For more information, call (510) 238-2196

What can you rent?

  • Paddle Boats
  • Canoes
  • Single & Double Kayaks
  • Row Boats
  • Sail Boats (some sailing experience required – bring certification or pass a short test)

For lovers of free things, boats, and geese, this is a dream come true.

2017 Free Boat Rental Days | Lake Merritt

  • National Safe Boating Week Open House (Saturday, May 20th) – Free boat rentals and boating safety information from 11 am-5 pm
  • Splash Into Summer Open House (Saturday, July 22nd) – Free boat rentals from 1-3 pm


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