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$2 All-Day Muni Passes

For two bucks ride all you want on Muni on Sundays in December
By - posted 12/8/2010 No Comment

Remember the good old days when you could sweet talk muni driver into giving you a “late night special” transfer even though it was only 6pm? Now that budget cuts have taking their toll, Muni has been enforcing the 90 minute rule on transfers a bit too strictly for my taste.

Well, the good old days are back… at least on Sundays for the rest of December when Muni stops keeping track of your transfers and lets you ride all the muni lines you want for just $2 as part of “Sunday Funday”

Sunday Funday

Every Sunday effective December 5, 2010 through December 26, 2010, pay the regular $2 Muni fare and receive an all-day transfer instead of the normal 90 minute limit.  This all-day transfer is available on all Muni routes except for cable cars and Candlestick Express buses.

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