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SF’s Mysterious “Guac Walk” Treasure Hunt Has Begun

Go on a treasure hunt dedicated to your love of guacamole
By - posted 10/17/2020 No Comment

Want to take a mysterious trek across SF all in the name of guacamole? Embark on the Guac Walk.

Will it lead to an ever elusive avocado tree with an endless array of ripe avocados ready for the picking? Will it lead to a swimming pool filled with guac? Probably not, but who knows?! You’ll only find out if you embark on the journey!

Take the treasure map and find the clues in the cryptic notes listed below and be on your way. Good luck and may the guacamole be ever in your favor.

Well hello.

Every year for the past eight years, we’ve spent a warm Saturday in September together.

It’s one of our favorite days of the year. The shaded garden, the band, the celebrity judges, all that guacamole! The list of things we love about it goes on and on.

But the thing we love most about it is you.

Next year will mark a decade since an off-hand joke started to grow into an event that has ripened to produce friendships, marriages, and even a baby.

So what do we do about this strange year?

The Guac-Off connects us to the City and to each other, and right now that feels pretty damn important. Even if we can’t share guacamole or each other’s company, we can share some of what makes the guacamole party special.

So we made a treasure map to help you find it.

Join us for another adventure. This one is a hard left turn with plenty of rights. It starts with a corner store and a bandana and it ends with something delicious. It’s socially distant, and much like past Guac-Off’s, we hope you’ll find it to be filled with hidden delights, hillside gardens, and that unmistakable feeling that you’ve stumbled upon some magical part of San Francisco.

It’s yours to find, at least until the end of the month.

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