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New Parking Meter Pilot Program Coming to SF

SFMTA is testing a new pay-by-license-plate system on Indiana Street (Dogpatch)
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Beginning Monday, Nov. 9, the SFMTA will test pay-by-license-plate system at existing parking meters on Indiana Street in the Dogpatch area. Drivers who pay at the meter will enter their license plate number instead of their parking space number.

It is hoped that the new system can allow the City to save money by streamlining enforcement and reducing the amount of infrastructure needed on the streets.

A small but exciting pilot project at parking meters on Indiana Street in the Dogpatch is starting Monday, November 9. For the past couple of years, all metered surface parking lots have been equipped with “pay-by-license-plate” functionality. Now we want to test the “pay-by-license plate” function for on-street parking meters as well.

The only change is that you’ll enter your plate number instead of a parking space number. Drivers may PayByPhone or at the multi-space paystation, just like always. Nothing will change about the forms of payment accepted: drivers will still be able to pay with coins, credit/debit or SFMTA parking card.

Here are the benefits:

  • You can pay at any paystation on the block, even if it’s across the street. So drivers may head in the direction of their destinations, pay at the nearest meter, and be on their way.
  • If you pay for parking but have to leave early, you may return to the same block and park without having to pay again, as long as you are within the original time frame you paid for.

For the SFMTA, we are using this pilot to test if the system can help:

  • Streamline enforcement, allowing parking control officers more time to focus on safety issues like double-parking and neighborhood concerns including Residential Permit Parking enforcement
  • Remove the need for space numbers and markings on the street that are costly to install and maintain
  • Allow for more vehicles to fit on each block when space markings are removed
  • Reduce the number of meters needed, freeing up sidewalk space and saving the cost of installation and maintenance

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