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Pliny the Younger Returns with In-Person Sales Again in 2022

Russian River Brewing Company’s limited-edition Triple IPA returns, on draft & bottled, Feb. 4-17, 2022
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Thanks to KTVU for sharing the news that Russian River Brewing Company’s extremely popular, limited edition Pliny the Younger beer will be sold in person at its brewpubs in Santa Rosa and Windsor.

Available for just two weeks only, beer lovers can get the exclusive Tiple IPA on tap or also take home a bottle from February 4 through 17, 2022.

Pliny the Younger is a Triple IPA, simply meaning that it is higher in alcohol and has tons of hops. The alcohol usually finishes at about 10.25%, although it is remarkably dry for the amount of malt used in this recipe. It is loaded with hop flavors, bitterness, and aromatics. We brewed Younger for the first time in 2005 as a winter seasonal beer, building upon the Pliny the Elder recipe while pushing the envelope with malt, hops, and alcohol just to see how far we could go! Each year we slightly change up the hops based on the cream of the hop crop selected from the prior year’s vintage.  But the base recipe stays nearly exactly the same. It is always brewed only once a year and released the first Friday in February, rain or shine!

Barring any unforeseen business restrictions due to COVID-19, or any other presently unknown limiting factors, this year’s Pliny the Younger release will resume IN PERSON at both our Santa Rosa and Windsor brewpubs in 2022! The entire RRBC team missed seeing our many repeat and first-time visitors from around the world this past year after cancelling the in-person release due to COVID. We are so excited to go back to our pre-COVID program, releasing Pliny the Younger on the first FRIDAY in February, rain or shine!

Official pub release dates are February 4th-17th, 2022. Younger will also be available in 510ml bottles for sale at our brewpubs ONLY during the 2-week release. We will allocate a certain number of cases and kegs to each pub each day to make it last all 14 days. We have, on rare occasion, run out later in the afternoon or evening on very busy days. Each year we try to predict how much draft and bottled beer we may need based on data from prior years. But this year is particularly challenging given so many different factors surrounding COVID. We have always said there are 2 things we can’t control: the weather and how many people will show up.  And this year we can throw in a third variable- COVID-19!  There will also be no online sales this year. Our 2021 online only release was a purely pandemic-driven decision and one-time only!

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