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Rare Super Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Over SF (May 15)

Unless Karl the Fog gets in the way, the maximum eclipse will appear over the Bay Area at 9:11 pm on Sunday night
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On May 16, 2022 (the night of May 15 in the Western Hemisphere), the Moon enters the Earth’s shadow, creating a total lunar eclipse, the first since May 2021.

The next full moon is the Flower Moon, the Corn, or Milk Moon, and the Buddha Purnima. There will be a total eclipse of the Moon, sometimes called a Blood Moon, and a marginal Supermoon. The maximum eclipse will appear at 9:11 pm on May 15, 2022 in San Francisco.

If you’re unable to get outside to watch the eclipse, you can catch the livestream with NASA. NASA will be livestreaming the eclipse with experts commenting on each step of the process from 8-9 pm PST. Join NASA experts to learn about this incredible natural phenomenon, look through telescope views across the world and hear about plans to return humans to the lunar surface with the Artemis program. Have questions? Submit them using #askNASA.

Thanks to Time and Date for the table detailing the times of the eclipse in San Francisco.

Event UTC Time Time in San Francisco* Visible in San Francisco
Penumbral Eclipse begins May 16 at 01:32:05 May 15 at 6:32:05 pm No, below the horizon
Partial Eclipse begins May 16 at 02:27:52 May 15 at 7:27:52 pm No, below the horizon
Full Eclipse begins May 16 at 03:29:03 May 15 at 8:29:03 pm Yes
Maximum Eclipse May 16 at 04:11:28 May 15 at 9:11:28 pm Yes
Full Eclipse ends May 16 at 04:53:55 May 15 at 9:53:55 pm Yes
Partial Eclipse ends May 16 at 05:55:07 May 15 at 10:55:07 pm Yes
Penumbral Eclipse ends May 16 at 06:50:49 May 15 at 11:50:49 pm Yes