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Reddit’s “Free Face Mask Lady” is Back in SF

The “California Crafty Mom” has given away 1,000 Free face masks and wants to give out more
By - posted 6/3/2020 No Comment

Thanks to cacraftymom on Reddit for letting us know that the “Free Face Mask Lady” is back in SF.

The Free Face Mask Makin’ Lady started her project in the Inland Empire and she is offering it up to everyone in SF. So far she has sewed and given out almost 1,000 masks.

“All supplies have been donated by the amazing community! Donations are always appreciated but never expected.” 

Read more about California Crafty Mom.

Need a mask? If you need a mask(s) please comment on the Reddit link with your size/gender needs. Please do not request a large quantity, and only for those that actually run errands. Pickup is at Menifee (Temecula/Murrieta area) or shipping is $4. via Paypal. 

The masks are 100% double layer cotton. They do not have filters, and they are not N95 or medical grade. These are for regular folks to use for the grocery store trips, etc.

Hi San Francisco! Reddit Free Face Mask Lady Here Once Again! I’m Almost Caught Up On Free Mask Requests And Can Add More To My List! If You Are In Need Of A 100% Cotton Double Layer Mask Please Contact Me. All Supplies Have Been Donated By Redditors, And I Can Cover Shipping ($4) If Needed Too! from r/sanfrancisco

So happy that u/katiecharm shared a photo of her gorgeous self rockin’ a mask made by moi! <3 from u/cacraftymom