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Three Twins Founder Competes on “Survivor”

One of two Bay Area favorite sons are castaways on Season 32 of “Survivor”
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Watch Bay Area residents Neal Gottlieb and Tai Trang try to outlast everyone else from lesser cities when Season 32 of Survivor premieres on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 on KPIX 5 at 8pm

From Three Twins to the Big Win? Sausalito residing Ice Cream Entrepreneur Neal Gottlieb survived the business world when he started Three Twins Ice Cream in 2005.

Eleven years later, with a thriving business and a passion for saving the world, one Madagascar Vanilla at a time, does he have what it takes to survive the physical and mental mind f*** that is Season 32 of Survivor in Koh Rong, Cambodia?

Filmed in Koh Rong, Cambodia over 39 days last Spring (March to May, 2015), this season of Survivor has the contestants sorted into three tribes “Brains,” “Brawn,” and “Beauty.”

Gottlieb has been sorted into the “Brains” section, but with those curly locks and toned forearms from years of ice cream scooping, he could easily fit into either of the other factions.

Also competing for the glory of the Golden Gate, is Tai Trang, a Vietnam-born 51 year old professional gardener from the Quesada Gardens in Bayview. Will Trang’s skills mastering the flora and fauna of Francisco help him brave the wilderness of a new land?

Trang has been placed in the “Beauty” tribe so he will, at least at the start, be in competition with his fellow SFer Gottlieb.

Hopefully the alliance that lives in the hearts of all San Franciscans will bring both our boys to the end so they can bring home the trophy or money or whatever the winners get.

If we can survive the 1906 earthquake, hippies, and $4 toast, we can survive anything. 

Can you tell who we’re rooting for?