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Scounger’s Reusable Art Parts

Find good cheap crap for artists to love and reuse at this non-profit SF warehouse
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Similar to a pirate squandering for his booty, SCRAPS, Scrounger’s Center for Reusable Art Parts, is a non profit warehouse in Bayview that is a source for creatives to reuse otherwise wasted items.

The aisles are filled with an assortment of quality resusable materials such as fabrics, buttons, papers, office supplies, plastics and more. Since the merchandise is all donated, the prices are dirt cheap, pennies even.

We walked out with a fat bag full of posters, books, games and a mis-stickered fully functional knitting machine for only 20 dollars!

Similar to a thrift store, items are constantly being replenished with a random new selection. The materials are ideal for crafty people and students who can find inspiration from something as simple as a pillow case.

Arrive with a significant amount of time to peruse the aisles of the 5,000 square foot warehouse thoroughly, since there are literally tons of scraps to see. There are also many free workshops and art shows available to inspire innovative projects.

SCRAPS Warehouse (801 Toland St., entrance on Newcomb St., SF – Bayview) | Muni: 24 | Open Monday-Saturday, 9a-5p