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SF Indoor Dining Will Not Reopen on July 13

Rising cases means planned reopening is postponed indefinitely. More details expected today
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Thanks to ABC7 for letting us know that San Francisco will postpone reopening of indoor dining with no new date sent.

Indoor restaurant dining, which was set to reopen on July 13, will be postponed, according to the Golden Gate Restaurant Association. This is due to the city’s rising Coronavirus cases and hospitalizations.

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City officials declined to confirm the postponement (July 13th is still listed as the date of reopening on sf.gov), but released the following statement:

“What we can say is given the rise in cases and hospitalizations in San Francisco and the Bay Area region, the City is revising plans to reopen indoor dining. Indoor activities and gatherings are among the higher risk activities for exposure and transmission of the coronavirus, which is extremely contagious. We need to put community health first and work together to reduce cases and flatten the curve again. This work is ongoing.”

Outdoor dining is safer than indoor dining, the statement from the Emergency Operations Center continued. “A gradual and measured reopening makes it less likely that we will have to roll back our progress. We are relying on the public to follow all of the health guidance, especially wearing face coverings to keep reopening San Francisco.”

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