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LA Banned Outdoor Dining. SF Says it Won’t

Despite rising cases, San Francisco says outdoor dining will remain for now.
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Thanks to the LA Times for letting us know an interesting piece of news that slipped past our radar last week. While Los Angeles County has forced outdoor dining to shut down with the latest COVID-19 surge, San Francisco officials said they plan to keep outdoor dining open throughout the purple tier.

Although restaurants in San Francisco are forced to close between 10pm and 5am due to the current curfew which is currently scheduled to last until December 21st.

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According to Joaquín Torres, director of San Francisco’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development director, SF anticipates continuing to permit outdoor dining at this time as is allowed by counties in the purple tier. So although outdoor dining is currently allowed, it’s certainly possible that a further increase in COVID cases and hospitalizations could necessitate a change.

San Francisco vs. Los Angeles vs. California
as of 11/28/20

LA is much worse at the moment: Los Angeles has a test positivity rate 378% higher than San Francisco (1.8% vs. 6.8%)

  • San Francisco County – 1.8% Test Positivity Rate / 14.1 New COVID cases per day per 100k
  • Los Angeles County – 6.8% Test Positivity Rate / 38.7 New COVID cases per day per 100k
  • California – 6.6% Test Positivity Rate / 30.5 New COVID cases per day per 100k

In Los Angeles last Wednesday, the city barred all restaurants in the county from serving in an outdoor setting for three weeks in order to cut down on large gatherings.

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