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SF School Board Postpones Renaming 44 Schools

After intense backlash, school board says their focus now will be reopening schools
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After facing backlash for the untimely decision, the San Francisco school board is pausing their plan to rename 44 schools.

Thanks to SF Gate for sharing the update from the school board who faced intense criticism for the timing of the decision to focus on renaming the schools when the school board did not yet have a plan for reopening the schools.

For now, the renaming committee meetings have been cancelled. San Francisco school board president Gabriela López has announced the school board’s only focus moving forward will be to reopen the schools.

In response to the criticism for its swift decision to rename the school, Lopez declared that the school board will take a “more deliberative process moving forward, which includes engaging historians at nearby universities to help” in regards to renaming the schools in future.

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