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SF Honors Civil Rights Icon Rosa Parks w/ Muni Plaque

66 Years ago Rosa Parks defied segregation on public buses; Muni honors her with commemorative plaque
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District 10 Supervisor Shamann Walton Unveiling Rosa Parks Plaque on Muni Coach | December 5, 2019

In honor of Rosa Parks on the Anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, SFMTA just unveiled a plaque in honor of Rosa Parks.

66 years ago, Rosa kept her seat on a Montgomery bus, was jailed and fined $10, thus sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott. A catalyst for the Civil Rights Movement, Rosa’s groundbreaking act proves how change can be made through the protest and civil action of everyday people. This day also reminds us of the progress and work that is still needed to ensure equity for all.

In commemoration of the start of Black History Month and to honor Rosa Parks and her courage a plaque in her honor has been installed on a bus to mark this historical civil rights event.

Later in the day, the bus headed out to serve customers on the 19 Polk Line, which is a line on part of the Muni Equity Strategy, which aims  to make transit accessible and affordable to all of our customers.

Our Black Women in Transit history campaign celebrates those extraordinary individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to civil rights in transportation. You can find the stories of Rosa Parks and other groundbreaking figures system-wide throughout Black History Month.

Next Steps? They plan to install another commemorative plaque on an LRV serving the T-Third Line later this year. Be on the lookout for a wider rollout of bus cards across the Muni fleet highlighting Ms. Parks and her contributions to public transit during Black History Month in February.

Read more at SFMTA and the Honor of Rosa Parks on the SFMTA blog.