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SF’s 2017 Break Dancing Street Festival

Sunday Streets in the Mission is taken over by poppers, lockers & OG dance moves
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The BBoy Connection Jam is back with free dance classes, pop and lock showcases, DJs, graffiti art, dance and cypher battles and more during Sunday Streets 2017 Kick-Off in the Mission District.

The BBoy Connection Jam
Sunday, July 16, 2017 | 11 am to 4 pm
23rd and Valencia St, San Francisco

The BBoy Connection are kicking it off by taking over the Mission District with free dance classes and dance hip-hop history lessons with performances. Plus, they will have a roller skate dance area which is always a crowd favorite.

There will be performances from each instructor before each class, every top of the hour. Plus, there will be open cyphers as a warm up for everyone in between each hour. The best part and everyone’s favorite moment at this annual event is the Kids Dance Battle and the female dance session and performances.

Music will be provided by Zulu Nation All Tribes SF DJs.

2017 Schedule:

  • 11 am-11:45 am: Warm up session
  • 11:45 am-noon: Rock dance classes by Mooncricket
  • Noon-12:15 pm: Popping boogaloo funk classes and special guest Bay Area OG
  • 12:30 pm-12:50 pm: Boogaloo, funk and strut freestyle popping session
  • 12:50 pm: Roller Skate Dance Performance (Special Guest TBA)
  • 1 pm-1:15 pm: Locking class with Doc Lock Phun Keedoc
  • 1:15 pm-1:30 pm: Open dance session
  • 1:30 pm-1:40 pm: Rock Dance demo and history lesson
  • 1:40 pm-2 pm: Top Rock & footwork bboy/bgirl class with guest BBoy TBA and Mooncricket
  • 2 pm-2:15 pm: OG dance performance. The old school original dancers from the ’70s and ’80s showcase
  • 2:15 pm-2:30 pm: The Bboy Connection at Sunday Streets is Return of the Cypher – ROTC hosted by Em Cee OrukusaKi & Breathless AKA Honey B. This will be an open mic for anyone who thinks they have the skills to rock the mic. The rules are your lyrics have to be clean and positive. One slip and the DJ will blast you with the needle scratch on the record ending your session.
  • 2:30 pm-3:10 pm: Popping dance contest (13 and up)
  • 3:10 pm-3:15 pm: ’90s flash back session
  • 3:15 pm-3:55 pm: Kids dance session and contest (12 and under) & ’90s dance style flash back dance session