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SF’s Fav Icon “Karl the Fog” Returns to Twitter

Karl the Fog rolls back in after a 2 year hiatus missing from Twitter
By - posted 1/20/2022 No Comment

San Francisco’s sassy weather icon Karl the Fog has returned!

@KarlTheFog went mysteriously silent in January 2020 right around the time the 49ers were in the Super Bowl and when COVID started to dominate the news. After two years missing, Karl the Fog has reappeared nearly to the day of his disappearance with an update.

His last tweet was on January 19, 2019 cheering on the 49ers..

The National Weather Service gave Karl a warm…err… cool welcome back.

In Karl’s absence, after 10 months of silence, a new Twitter voice of the fog emerged. Karla The Fog had been the unofficial replacement to pick up the voice left vacant by KarlTheFog, because โ€œThe Fog Must Go On!โ€ Will Karla the Fog stick around? She chimed in to mention…”I’m always hanging around.”