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SF’s Free Artist & Hacker Warehouse

NoiseBridge lets hackers go nuts with crazy industrial machines, spare computer parts and unlimited coffee as fuel
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If you’re a hacker or an artist, you will discover what seems to be a wonderland.

NoiseBridge is a nonprofit warehouse in the Mission that sparks creativity, learning and sharing, and it is entirely free to the public and open 24/7. The warehouse’s rent and expenses are paid entirely through donations and membership dues.

Although it really is free, there is a membership available for $80, and it will secure you a storage shelf and participation in member meetings.

In this 5,600 square ft. loft, you will find an array of free resources including industrial sewing machines, a knitting machine, a laser engraver, a darkroom, a kitchen, computer parts, a 3D printer, an oyster mushroom garden, a library, scrap computer parts for the making, two classrooms, a woodshop, and even in progress projects like a space weather balloon being built to launch into orbit and more.

Too much to do in one space? The unlimited NoiseBridge coffee bar begs to differ.

You will learn that NoiseBridge is a “do-ocracray” where you just “do“, and you can view the list of classes and workshop schedule here.

NoiseBridge (2169 Mission St., SF) | 24/7 | FREE