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SF’s Thieves Now Asking for Donations?

Reformed thief leaves note on car windshields asking for money
By - posted 8/10/2022 No Comment

San Francisco thieves, or, let’s be hopeful and say, former thieves, have a new strategy to get money. And yeah, it’s not from getting a job.

Thanks to @itsthebay on Instagram for sharing @whosjoeyrico‘s photo of a note left on a car windshield in The City.

The note read, “I don’t want to STEAL anymore! But I still have bills to pay. Can you help me please?”

The crafty businessperson includes their CashApp tag, Bitcoin QR code, and their Paypal info, all referencing “NoMoBoosting.” The person is helpful enough to leave Cliffnotes; “Boosting = Theft.” How considerate!

Welp, at least they didn’t break any windows and left this note instead. Maybe someone generous folks will leave them a tip as a courtesy for not breaking into their car.