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Tax Day Freebies & Deals

Panda Express, Arby’s, Office Depot, Cinnabon and more want to give you free stuff on Tax Day | 4/17
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Unless you’re getting a huge refund, tax day usually means you’re writing a big check to the government or filing an extension to put the pain off for another day.

Fortunately there’s a lot of businesses who for 2012 want to take the sting out of filing your taxes by offering Tax Day freebies, deals and discounts. 

Tax Day Freebies & Deals | 2012
San Francisco Bay Area

Office Depot – Free photocopying of tax returns & free shredding (up to 4/16/12)
Cinnabon – Free mini cinnamon cupcakes (4/17)
Arby’s – Free curly fries (4/17)
Panda Express – Free order of Shanghai Angus Steak (4/17)
Crocker Galleria (SF) – $3 off lunch (4/17)
P.F. Chang’s – 15% off any dine-in or take-out order (4/17)
Seattle’s Best Coffee – Free coffee mailed to you, or visit their San Jose location (2668 Monterey Rd) for free 12 oz cup of brewed coffee (4/17)