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Trader Joe’s Now Pays $4/Hr Hazard Pay

The “thank you” pay comes with a catch; there won’t be any midyear pay raises
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Thanks to Tampa Bay Times for sharing the news that Trader Joe’s will now pay their all of their front-line employees $4 per hour hazard pay across the country.

While many cities and counties around The Bay are trying to pass emergency ordinances for hazard pay (like Oakland recently passed), Trader Joe’s just raised their hazard pay nationwide. The temporary pay increase will continue throughout the pandemic or until employees are eligible for vaccines as grocery workers.

Trader Joe’s made the following announcement on their website:

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, Trader Joe’s has provided all hourly Crew Members with an additional $2/hr “thank you” wage, in recognition of the outstanding, inspiring work they do every day, in our stores and communities. Effective February 1, 2021, the “thank you” premium for all hourly, non-management Crew Members, was increased by two dollars, for a total of $4 an hour.”

Unfortunately, the hazard pay comes with a catch. Due to the additional “thank you” pay, which is temporary, Trader Joe’s is cancelling their midyear pay raises which were scheduled for summer 2021. The pay raises are usually 65 to 75 cents an hour, but they’re of course permanent.

A letter from the CEO states that no matter what local legislation mandates, the company will not go above the $4 per hour raise.

We’re not sure how this will play out since Oakland just passed a $5 per hour hazard mandate for its grocery store workers. There’s two Trader’s Joes location in Oakland, though we’re not sure if they fall under the mandate which requires the store be over 15,000 square feet (and have more than 500 employees).

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