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What Are Voting Lines Like in SF?

SF’s election website shows you the current wait times at the polls
By - posted 11/2/2020 No Comment

If you’re in San Francisco and plan to vote in person, there’s a handy website that lets you know the current wait times at the polls using the Voting Site Wait Times Lookup Tool.

Voters can use the Voting Locations and Wait Times Tool to find information about their assigned polling place, including the type of facility (such as school or public library), cross streets, and accessibility information (such as slope at the entrance).

The Voting Locations and Wait Times Tool also reports wait times at in-person voting sites across the City, and allows voters to identify sites with the same ballot type (i.e. same contests and candidates) as the voter’s assigned polling place.

Whatever your method, whether it’s in-person, mail-in or drop off, just make sure your voice is heard and vote.