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YouTuber Live Streams Taking Poop on Nancy Pelosi’s Sidewalk

Claiming it’s a “peaceful protest,” the video, titled “Poopalosi,” was followed up by video titled, “I’m Gonna Need A Lawyer”
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Thanks to the NYPost for letting us know that a YouTuber livestreamed himself apparently taking a poop on Nancy Pelosi’s driveway/sidewalk this weekend.

A YouTuber who identifies himself as “Armando” live-streamed himself walking through the streets of San Francisco in search of Nancy Pelosi’s house. When he reached the Speaker’s home, he relieved himself by defecating on the driveway.

The location in the video seems to match the same location that was reported as Nancy Pelosi’s house in a protest two weeks ago.

After the “event” was reported in the NY Post is was then picked up by the Daily Beast, The Sun UK, and The Daily Mail, but we can’t find much additional coverage of this in the United States. While we can’t verify if it’s a true prank (and he actually dropped a deuce) or if the video was faked, we found the story interesting in that it is alleged to have taken place here in San Francisco. 

Armando whose YouTube channel, Lifes Mavrek, describes himself as homeless for the past few years claimed that the act was a peaceful protest. ”The video, titled “Poopalosi”,  had garnered more than 19,000 views Sunday night but as of Tuesday had been listed as “unavailable” and has apparently been made private.

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In another video posted on his YouTube channel titled “Im Gonna Need a Lawyer”, he claims that he was later detained by officers with the Bay Area Rapid Transit Police.

According to the NY Post, a twitter account claiming to be Armando later apologized for the incident, saying, “@SpeakerPelosi I know you may not ever see this but I want you to know, I meant no foul harm yesterday when I did what I did. I’m not proud of it at all and I just would like for you to know that. I have no ill will against you or anyone in an elected officials position.” As of Monday afternoon this tweet was no longer available online.

Mando told The Post that the he hopes his “peaceful protest” will inspire those in power to provide more resources for those who are homeless or otherwise down on their luck.

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