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Unconfirmed: It’s Just 2 Minutes: Stand-Up Comedy Game Show | Haight

Every Tuesday through January 12th.

Please be advised that we have not confirmed if this event is still taking place every Tuesday.

Every first Tuesday at Milk Bar, San Francisco’s comedians are put to the test as they are given a random series of words and sentences seconds before getting on stage, where they then must construct entire two minute sets around each.

This improv-standup hybrid then lets the audience pick the top performer at the end of the night. The night is hosted by Josh Argyle.

It’s Just Two Minutes is a three round improvised stand-up comedy game-show that couldn’t exist without you, the audience. 9 comics take turns improvising stand-up sets based on one or two word prompts presented to them as they individually take the stage.

It’s Just Two Minutes Format:

  • In Round 1, the comics are given a one or two word prompt. They then improvise 2 minute of stand-up just for you, the audience. It’s 120 seconds of wit and hilarity.
  • Round 2 is the story round. Comics are given a simple prompt such as embarrassing story or bad date story then they open up to you, the audience, as you laugh uncontrollably at their awkward lives.
  • Round 3 requires a little help from you, the audience. In this round, you provide several prompts to the comics. The comic will say “I like my women like I like my…” or “I like my men like I like my…” and you yell out whatever you want. Seriously…whatever you want. The comic will then complete the sentence with a punchline. For example, “I like my women like I like my table lamps…picked out by my mother.” This is a lightning round of skill and wit.

At the end of Round 3, the audience will determine a winner. The winner receives all of the money in the Tip Jar of Justice and gets to perform some of their stand-up.

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This event is scheduled every Tuesday:
Please be aware that recurring events like this may occasionally be cancelled or postponed by the promoter - especially on holidays. We always suggest you contact the promoter or venue to confirm for a particular day.