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America’s Largest Muslim/Halal Food Festival | Fremont

Head to the 5th Annual Halal Food & Eid Festival in California featuring a wide variety of different cuisine from around the world including Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern, Arab, Mediterranean, African as well as American.

There will also be a large bazaar featuring vendors selling a wide variety of items such as clothing, jewelry, gifts, toys and artwork from around the world.

What is “Halal”? Basically, like what “Kosher” food is for Jews, “Halal” food is for Muslims. It means the meat has been blessed and is considered pure and lawful for Muslims to consume.

At this year’s Halal Fest, you will no longer need food tokens. All food vendors will be accepting cash/credit directly from the public. Admission is $5; children 10 and under are free.

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