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13th Annual Gingerbread House Tour: Month-long Celebration | Sausalito

The 13th Year will be more Special—Than ever before.

Looking forward to seeing unique creations this year. Keeping the tour fresh—There will have more Gingerbread Experience: Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries and Shops featuring Special Gingerbread items which will also be listed on the Gingerbread Tour Map.

Even some of the Local Bars are coming up with a Gingerbread Cocktail’s—Giving the Visitors & Residents a full Gingerbread experience throughout the month.

13th Annual Gingerbread House Tour
December 1-31, 2019
All over Sausalito

Here are some ideas on How You can Join in on the fun:

  • Participate in the 13th Annual Sausalito Gingerbread House Competition & Tour
  • Restaurants and cafes can feature seasonal gingerbread flavored items: desserts, pastries, ice cream, cocktails, eggnogg, coffee, hot chocolate, truffles, pancakes, waffles
  • Decorate your holiday tree, office, home, or business in a gingerbread theme
  • Feature a gingerbread “photo wall” that can be shared on social media (dont forget to create a great #hashtag to go
    along with it)

This is a wonderful way to bring the local community members and holiday enthusiasts from all over to enjoy a day in Sausalito—while they Shop, Drink and Eat—Making the Gingerbread Tour magical while they share this time with their families and friends.

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