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2016 “Come Out & Play” Festival | SF

The Come Out & Play Festival is back celebrating a sixth year of bringing play to the Bay with new and innovative real-world games happening all over San Francisco.

2016 Come Out & Play Festival
September 24 – October 8, 2016
All over San Francisco
FREE (festival games only, special events are paid)

This year, Come Out & Play SF expands its programming with a full season of special ticketed events. They will host a wide variety of incredible live games, mysteries, and adventures that showcase the breadth of the Bay Area’s scene.

2016 Game & Festival Schedule

All festival games are free to play – stop by the Chapel anytime to register and pick up a schedule of events.

Full 2016 list of games

Saturday, September 24: Street Games Day
1-5 pm
Fort Mason Chapel
Discover new dimensions of the world around you as you play games where the city streets are your gameboard. You can expect an Undercover Street Game by that will invite you to slip into the crowd and hide in plain sight without others even knowing there’s a game going on as well as Safari Zone which turns your Pokémon Go game into a quickplay race for the most, biggest, smallest, and rarest pokémon (no battles required.)

Sunday, September 25: Alt Sports Day
1-5 pm
Fort Mason Chapel
Join a team and move your body with unusual sports and field games. You can expect twists on classics like Capture the Flag, competitive new sports like Jugger, and high concept athletics like River Gauntlet. Games generally last anywhere from 10-45 minutes, and game runners will be on hand to help you learn the rules. Athletic shoes, active wear and sunscreen recommended.

Wednesday, September 28: Tabletop Games Night
7-11 pm
Fort Mason Chapel
Expect to play board games and RPGs that will change the way you think about food, language, and tabletops. Games generally last anywhere from 15-60 minutes, and among other games, you can expect the edible “Order of the Oven Mitt” and the role playing game like “Sign” which examines the development of sign language and more.

Friday, September 30: Night Games
7 pm to 11 pm
Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture
A big night of story, spectacle, and play, with amazing games set all over Fort Mason – games like Block Party, Exploding Kittens, The Forger (try to make fake art and pretend it’s real), a Silent Disco “sorter” where you try to find others who are dancing to the same beat, an escape game called “Isolation” and tons more.

Saturday, October 1: Urban Exploration Day
1pm to 5pm
Fort Mason Chapel
Discover new dimensions of the world around you as you explore the park through puzzle hunts, interactive poetry walks, and more. These games use the landscape and natural affordances of Fort Mason to shape your experience and craft challenges.

Sunday, October 2: Family Play Day
1pm to 5pm
Fort Mason Chapel
A day of new and classic games for kids and grownups alike. These experiences have been designed with families in mind, so expect lots of silliness, opportunities to connect, and space for creativity. Games generally last anywhere from 5-20 minutes.

Saturday, October 28: Journey to the End of the Night
5 pm to 11 pm
Japantown Peace Plaza
Journey to the End of the Night is an annual San Francisco street game that has been running since 2006. The game is free and open to the public. Its like a game of virus tag throughout the city with thousands of your closest friends: players try to make it through the checkpoints spread around the city without getting tagged, and if they are tagged by a chaser, they become a chaser as well.

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