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5-Hour Travelling Dance & Performance Crawl | SF

He Moved Swiftly is a site-specific performance by Amara Tabor-Smith about the life and work of choreographer Ed Mock.

Traveling through multiple locations in San Francisco, Tabor-Smith conjures the spirit of Ed: a black, gay artist whose untimely death from AIDS in the 1980s left a lasting impression on her and many of the region’s most important artists. Together with composer Anthony Brown, poet Marvin K White, dramaturg Ellen Sebastian Chang and video artist David Szlasa, as well as other special guest artists, Tabor-Smith seeks to tackle questions of legacy in this free performance series.

He Moved Swiftly… begins at 3:30 pm in front of 32 Page Street, the original site of the Ed Mock Studio. The work will travel through the streets and through some of the quintessential San Francisco sites where Mock performed and frequented. Attendees will be guided from site to site on foot and may stay for the entire five hours or for a portion of the performance. All performances are free of charge.

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