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Fire Dancing & Spinning Performance Night | SF

Every second Thursday of the month through January 20th.

Come watch a group of fire artists spin and take nighttime photos at a new secret location in San Francisco on the second Thursday of every month.

Fire Dancing & Spinning Performance Night
Second Thursdays | 7-10 pm
Secret Bay Area Location
FREE to watch, but stay the hell out of the way to be safe

Fire Artists: This is a DIY event, so if you want to participate and spin, make sure you leave no trace and be super safe and you must use a catch tray.

>>  Read all of the rules & instructions on Facebook.

Photographers: You’ll want to stay on the grass to leave as much room as possible for the spinning. Practice shooting extended exposure photos and capturing the amazing images fire dancing creates. This is a time for trade, so make sure you post your photos and make them available for the artists in your photos.

Want to learn how to photograph fire? For those new to fire photography, you can purchase a Get Lit video instruction series with nearly 40 minutes of useful information for $10.

Please Note: In case the fire gets shut down by the fire department, you should bring LED lights along, so you can continue the light show.

How To Handle The Cops: Assume you will get approached by cops. If they ask who is in charge, say “no one” since, really, no one is. Each person is personally responsible. In 2011, when they were approached by eight cops, they asked who was in charge. Everyone said no one was in charge and continued to spin and acted like nothing was wrong. They watched for a while and never shut them down.

In summary, if the cops approach:

  • Continue as if you’re not doing anything wrong
  • Don’t offer to help them shut this down – unless they ask, don’t extinguish or shut down the music
  • If (and only if) they ask, “who is in charge?” answer, “no one.” If they then ask, “how do people know to come then?” answer, “word of mouth — been going on for years.”

Photography: Alexander Louie

Event Details

This event is scheduled every second Thursday of the month:
Please be aware that recurring events like this may occasionally be cancelled or postponed by the promoter - especially on holidays. We always suggest you contact the promoter or venue to confirm for a particular day.