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The Good Death: Storytelling & Art Show | SoMa

Join  a very special Sketchpad group art show, “The Good Death.” This is in collaboration with “Reimagine End of Life,” A citywide exploration of death and celebration of life, through creativity and conversation.

The Good Death: Storytelling & Art Show
April 19-22 2018 | noon-6 pm
Sketchpad Gallery, 505 Natoma St, San Francisco

This show is an open conversation about death and how artists can bring this taboo subject to light through visual storytelling. They have  asked over 25 award-winning artists to tell the story about their own personal/cultural relationship with death.

Also joining the show is Morgan Brown, creator of “Conversations I Wish I Had”, for people to speak to someone in their life who has died. It opened at a gallery in the arts district of LA, and recently debuted at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz, CA.

“The Good Death” opens April 19th-22nd and you are invited to join to reflect upon death and perhaps gaze upon one’s own mortality.

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