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“Wish Upon” Horror Virtual Reality Experience | AMC Bay Street

Broad Green Pictures has created an interactive Virtual Reality experience which immerses users in the cinematic world of Wish Upon by recreating the horrors of making a wish and having that wish twisted by the ill-fated music box.

It is a stereoscopic live action VR short that puts users in a scenario of wish fulfillment gone bad, just like the characters in the film. The implementation of ‘gaze branching’ technology allows viewers to create their own “path” depending on where they look and what wish they make. Combining atmospheric and practical effects, this high school of horrors provides scares tailored to the chosen path.

“Wish Upon” Virtual Reality Experience
– July 7-8, 2017 | 2 to 10 pm
– July 9, 2017 | 2 to 8 pm
AMC Bay Street 16, 5614 Bay St #220, Emeryville

The VR short was shot on location at a Los Angeles high school with special appearances from Wish Upon’s stars: Joey King (The Conjuring), Shannon Purser (“Stranger Things”) and Sydney Park (“The Walking Dead”). And of course, The Box (Wish Upon).

Broad Green Pictures partnered with the Emmy nominated SunnyBoy Entertainment, the creative team behind Warner Bros. The Conjuring 2: Experience Enfield VR Experience, Keanu: VR Experience, to create this innovative virtual reality experience.

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