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“That Week with the Bachs” New Musical at Grace Cathedral (Feb 16-18)

Join us for a special event that is part of “Spacious Grace” an annual free-form arts festival when Grace Cathedral removes the pews and fills the space with dance, music, and theatre

An iPad-in-hand staged presentation of a new chamber musical.  

November 19 to 25, 1731: seven days in seven scenes during which seven members of the Bach family collaborate to create the seven movements of Cantata 140.  

That Week with the Bachs
February 16-18, 2023
Grace Cathedral, 1100 California St., SF
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  • Thursday, February 16th – 7:30p
  • Friday, February 17th – 7:30p
  • Saturday, February 18th – 2p + 4p (two performances)

A pivotal moment occurred to this star-crossed family. Bach had composed hundreds of cantatas in the 1720s – cycles of them – then went on to other things. Abruptly, in November 1731, he urgently rushed to compose a new cantata. Why? That mystery leads to worlds of revelations about the family. The perfect way to tell the story of that amazing week is with a musical. 

The company features Merola and Adler Fellow and San Francisco Opera regular Philip Skinner and Marnie Breckenridge as Mr. and Mrs. Bach, and the legendary Frederica von Stade as the Narrator. 

This event is part of Spacious Grace, and is presented by the Ghiberti Center for Culture. Spacious Grace is Grace Cathedral’s annual free-form arts festival when we remove the pews and fill the space with dance, music, and theatre. Ghiberti is a nondenominational nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is to enrich and inspire all people through arts, music, and education programming. Ghiberti seeks to offer Grace Cathedral’s sacred space to all people for the refreshment of the human spirit and to enliven and deepen the public conversation on what it means to be human. 

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