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Tuesday, May 21

Harvey Milk Day: 40th Anniversary “White Night March” | Castro to City Hall
Tuesday, May 21 – 5:00 pm | Cost: FREE | Castro & Market
Harvey Milk Day: 40th Anniversary "White Night March" | Castro to City Hall
On May 21, 1979, San Francisco waited for justice following the murders of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk at the hands of their colleague, former cop Dan White. When the verdict was handed down, members of the San Francisco Police Department had already ...

Wednesday, May 22

“Harvey Milk Day” Block Party | The Castro
Wednesday, May 22 – 6:00 pm | Cost: FREE | Castro & Market
"Harvey Milk Day" Block Party | The Castro
In California, May 22nd is Harvey Milk Day. In 2019, in honor of the bash we threw in 1979, only seven months after he was murdered, the Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club is hosting another block party. Our party will include Cleve Jones, the Castro ...

Sunday, October 6

2019 Castro Street Fair | SF
Sunday, October 6 – All Day | Cost: FREE*
*Free, but donations are accepted.
| Castro & Market
2019 Castro Street Fair | SF
A huge daytime costume party, the Castro Street Fair is once again filling the streets of the Castro with several stages of entertainment, unique costumes, art, and food. Bring a little of your inner freak to the festivities and experience a full day of live music, ...

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