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1 Million Vaccines by July 4: Contra Costa County’s Goal

Vaccinate nearly the entire county by the 4th of July? The County hopes so
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Contra Costa County has set lofty vaccination goal to vaccinate nearly the entire county’s population (of those 16+) by the 4th of July.*

Similar to San Francisco’s goal of vaccinated the entire city by June 30 (and President Biden’s goal of 100 million doses during the first 100 days of his administration), Contra Costa County has set its own vaccination goal. Deliver 1 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine by Independence Day.

The county’s population is approximately 1.154 million. As of January 25, 8.7% of the county has been vaccinated thus far.

*Please note, currently, the county aims to vaccine everyone 16 and older, so the amount they aim vaccinate we’re guessing is close to everyone that would be eligible for a vaccine, but this is only an estimate. Also, depending if we’re still using a 2-dose vaccination, this figure might be lower before the county’s residents are fully vaccinated. 

Read more at cchealth.org.

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