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2 Bay Area Hospitals Among 1st in US to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital & UCSF Medical Center will be 2 of 7 hospitals in CA to get vaccine
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A COVID-19 vaccine is on the way, and two San Francisco hospitals will be among the first in the country to receive them when they become available.

Thanks to SFGate for sharing the news that Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco are two of the seven California hospitals slated to get the vaccine.

Pfizer and Moderna have both developed vaccines which will likely be granted emergency authorization within the month. Pfizer is on track to be approved for its vaccine first; however, its vaccine needs to be kept in ulta-low temperatures, therefore, California worked to put together a list of strategically located hospitals that had sufficient storage. California’s Health Department chose locations that were spread throughout the state and had a “highest risk” population.

Earlier this week, Governor Newsom announced that California would be receiving 327,00 doses of the Pfizer vaccine starting by mid-December. The vaccine, which requires two doses, will be distributed to healthcare workers first.

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