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There Are Now 2,000+ Parklets in San Francisco

From only a few dozen parklets to now over 2,000 with 1,000 more coming
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Thanks to KTVU for sharing the news about the massive proliferation of parklets in San Francisco.

There used to only be a few dozen parklets, but now there’s more than 2,000 parklets in The City with another 1,000 in the pipeline.

The Director of the San Francisco Shared Spaces Program says they’ve removed much of the red tape and streamlined the process to make it easier for bars and restaurants to apply for outdoor dining.

Thankfully, some of SF’s tiniest restaurants like Swan Oyster Depot say they now have more seats outdoors than they had inside, and they’d like to keep their outdoor dining setups for as long as they can.

Bars and restaurants, along with city and state leaders, are hoping outdoor dining is here to stay. There’s new legislation on the state level from State Senator Scott Weiner which would make outdoor dining and parklets become a permanent fixture in California?

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