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Over 4,000 No Shows at COVID Vaccine Appointments

Disappointingly, 10% of scheduled vaccine appointments are no-shows in Santa Clara
By - posted 2/17/2021 No Comment

Thanks NBC Bay Area for sharing the disappointing news that more than 4,000 people didn’t show up for the vaccination appointments in Santa Clara County this week.

And unfortunately, this is a common problem. About 10% of people don’t show up to their vaccination appointments at county-run sites.

This weekend was no exception at the Santa Clara County fairgrounds when on Saturday, there were approximately 300 extra doses leftover that were already thawed and set to expire the following day.

Thankfully, no vaccine doses were wasted as county employees were able to rush to the fairgrounds to get a last-minute vaccine.

However, since this is a common problem, the health advisors suggest the county needs to make a better contingency plan that accounts for the no-shows and distributes vaccines fairly. Thankfully, despite the no-shows, the county has reported that thus far, all vaccine doses have been put to use.

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