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BART: Heated & Tweeted

BART Takes to Twitter & Finally Gets Honest About Its Own Sh*tty Service
By - posted 3/18/2016 No Comment

A major disruption during Wednesday night’s BART service prompted an epically frank dialogue between social media manager Taylor Huckaby and angry 140 character wielding passengers.

The exchange began when one commuter tweeted how rush-hour train delays on BART have become the new normal.

Surprisingly for Chappel and @SFBART’s followers, Huckaby (as @SFBART) responded with:

Thus began a back and forth between Huckaby and BART passengers until the wee hours of the morning, resulting in more than one “drop the mic” moment. 


Huckaby claims this is just the beginning of what he feels is a way to effectively communicate with the public in a way we rarely see from government organizations.

If this new, honest way of dealing with the public will make any difference in the quality, and quantity of BART service remains to be seen. Metro Los Angeles even got in on the action sending Huckaby a tweet of support. 

If anything, this might have hurt Huckaby’s cause, because if there’s anything San Franciscan’s hate more than shoddy public transportation service, it’s LA…