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Napa Family Builds Insane Disney Matterhorn Ride in Backyard

You gotta see this roller coaster built in the vineyards w/ 400 ft of track, a waterfall, & a Yeti
By - posted 1/29/2021 No Comment

Wow… some people baked break during the pandemic, or took on some home improvement projects, but one Napa family took their pandemic hobby to whole new level. Thanks to ABC7 for sharing the story of brothers Sean and Michael LaRochelle who built their own backyard coaster modeled after Disneyland’s Matterhorn.

The ride has 400 feet of track and was built with 32,000 pounds of stucco and a ton of steel. Plus, it wouldn’t be the Matterhorn...err… Matterhorn’s Alpine Escape, without a waterfall which uses 1,000 gallons of water for both the waterfall and fountain.

And yep, this ride even has Matterhorn’s signature animatronic Yeti. The brothers didn’t stop there, when night falls, they kept the Disney magic alive and brought the fireworks home. They’ve created a dynamic fireworks projection show onto the side of the mountain.

What’s next for the Disney-inspired architecture duo, Magictecture? They’re planning to knock down their first creation and build an even longer roller coaster; this time modeled on Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. PS: Sorry, you can’t ride their attraction. It’s just for their family and friends.