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SF’s “Leaning” Millennium Tower’s $100 Million Fix Halted

Yikes… After repairs began, the tower sunk another inch and now leans 22 inches
By - posted 8/26/2021 No Comment

Oh no… San Francisco’s Millennium Tower, The City’s famously sinking apartment building, was on its way to being repaired, but work has now halted.

Thanks to NBC Bay Area for sharing the news that after sinking 18 inches and leaning 14 inches, a $100 million solution was in progress when the leaning tower sunk another inch in a matter of weeks since repairs began.

As part of settlement, the “perimeter pile upgrade” aimed to shore up the foundation to prevent further settling at the northwest corner along Mission and Fremont streets. When the foundation repairs began in May, the tower was tilting just over 17 inches at the top, but by mid-August the foundation sunk another inch and the tower was tilting 22 inches.

Due to the abrupt changes to the building’s foundation, the project has been put on hold out of an “abundance of caution” while they work to uncover what’s causing the sinking and how to move forward.

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