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Tahoe Shuts Down to Visitors on Friday

If you’re thinking of a winter escape to Tahoe, think again. (At least the California side)
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If you’re thinking of a winter escape to Tahoe, think again. The California side of the Lake Tahoe region is shutting down to out-of-towners for three weeks starting Friday, December 11 as COVID cases rise, according to SF Chronicle. “Non-essential travel in and out is off-limits.”

In March, while the governor’s Stay-at-Home order was still in effect, Tahoe saw visitors coming in droves causing locals to protest.

Tahoe is part of the “Greater Sacramento Region” according to the State of California’s new regional stay-at-home orders after available ICU beds for the region dipped below 15%. The order is effective as of 11:59pm on Thursday night.

What about the Nevada side? The Nevada side of Tahoe doesn’t appear to have any specific restrictions. According to the Nevada Health Response website, “Stay close to home. If you must travel, anticipate limited utility access – bathrooms may not be accessible. Take supplies with you, as food options may be limited. Ensure appropriate social distancing and masking protocols and limit any unnecessary contact with other individuals who are not in your immediate household.”

Most Tahoe ski resorts are open, but tourists are being asked not to come during the holiday season. California explicitly allows skiing and snowboarding during the pandemic, “to promote and protect the physical and mental well-being of people in California, outdoor recreation facilities may continue to operate.”

The Chronicle reports that discouraging people from visiting Tahoe last time proved impossible during the March-Summer shelter-in-place order. There will be no gates set up and no checking of IDs but “please be respectful of people living here” according to Chris Fiore, communications manager for the city of South Lake Tahoe.

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