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Testing for COVID-19 in SF’s Poop

U.C. Berkeley scientists say the city’s sewers could provide early-warning system of new outbreaks
By - posted 11/5/2020 No Comment

Thanks to the San Francisco Examiner for letting us know that the city’s sewers might provide an early-warning system against any COVID-19 outbreaks by looking for clues in the city’s poop.

Rather than looking at individual people, one tactic to hunt for outbreaks early would be looking for spikes in COVID-19 virus in people’s stool aggregated in the sewage.

U.C. Berkeley has been studying wastewater (i.e. where your toilet, shower and sink water goes) from 11 districts in the Bay Area including San Francisco.

The team currently tests 30 samples a week, and hope to be able to test up to 200 samples a week within a few months.

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