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Wild Pigs Wreak Havoc in San Jose

Feral pigs cause $50k worth of damage every month to local golf course
By - posted 11/6/2020 No Comment

San Jose has a wild pig problem.

About two dozen feral pigs have been wreaking havoc on the Coyote Creek Golf Course in San Jose. The feral pigs have been coming onto the fairways and digging up the grass in pursuit of grubs.

KRON4 spoke with the general manager Mike Fish who estimated that that they’re causing about $50,o00 worth of damage every month. They’re not only damaging private land, but the wildlife habitats as well.

Unfortunately, San Jose’s wild pigs is not a new problem. The pigs have grown accustomed to deterrents such fences and traps.

While shooting firearms is not allowed in city limits, San Jose City Councilman Johnny Khamis proposed another solution, right out of the Hunger Games. He proposed bringing in an archer to target the pigs, but the idea was rejected.

For now, Coyote Creek has not trapped a single pig in their several months of trying.