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Cask’s Free Guided Spirits & Beer Tastings | SF

For cocktail lovers, Cask is one of the most respected wine/craft beer/spirits stores in the Bay with hard-to-find bottles and a passion for artisan producers. Several times a week they have brand representatives in store offering free guided tastings – it’s a great way to discover (and taste) spirts from smaller distilleries.

Check @caskstore on Instagram for the latest updates, with events typically announced just 24 hours before. Call (415) 424-4844 if you’d like to double check on the tasting schedule.

Cask – 3rd Street Store Tastings

17 3rd St., San Francisco

Quiquiriqui Mezcal
Thursday 1/25 | 4PM6PM
They say your first mezcal of the day gets your blood pumping, it wakes you up and moves your spirit. (Who needs coffee right?) Quiquiriqui, named after the rooster’s morning call, will get you all fired up about this category of agave spirits. Take a sip of espadin from Matatlan and you’ll know what I mean. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to their newly released bottling of Tobala, obviously.

Wright & Brown Distilling
Friday 1/26 | 4PM7PM
As if Oakland wasn’t cool enough, there’s Wright & Brown to add to its awesomeness. Tucked away in an industrial neighborhood on the Emeryville/Oakland border, these guys are quietly making some lovely whiskeys, a very sippable rye and bourbon. AND they’ve just released an aged rum that we’ve been anxiously awaiting for almost a year. So many reasons to drink local!

Cask – Rincon Tastings

101 Spear St., San Francisco

Seven Stills Beer
Thursday 1/25 | 4PM6PM
We’ve been talking about their spirits of course, but let’s back up a step. They make beer and then they make the whiskey. Finally, we get a chance to check out their brewing skills. We’ll be pouring their new releases of the Kahuna and Fluxuate, and the winter warmer Figgy Pudding. Just want a single can to take home? We’ve got your road soda needs covered.

Japanese Whiskey Flight
Friday 1/26 | 3PM6PM
Do you believe in life after Yamazaki? We sure do. Come check out three very different styles of Japanese whiskey that will expand your horizons. The Kurayoshi 8 year is a traditional Japanese single malt with an 8 year age statement, a great sipper. Togouchi, a light, highball friendly dram for your next cocktail hour. And for the adventurous palate, Ohishi, a rice whiskey finished in Sherry casks.

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