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“Come And See”: New Easter Musical | SF

What if the life and times of Jesus Christ happened in modern-day San Francisco? Come and See seeks to answer this question through a unique hybrid musical approach. Featuring original music from artists across the country, and captivating film sequences, the production provides a fresh take on the Gospel story and a new way of experiencing stage musicals.

Come and See runs 80 minutes and will play April 12-14 and April 19-21. While the show is designed for kids 10+, childcare is also available.

About CornerstoneSF: Cornerstone is a multi-generational, multi- ethnic, non-denominational Christian church in San Francisco known for its creative approach. Hyphens aside, it’s a place where all kinds of people gather to worship Jesus, and learn about Him for 60-ish minutes in a casual, yet sacred space.

Free / RSVP