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2018 International Parkour Jam: Urban Ninja Festival | Bay Area

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If you see a bunch of Jackie Chan wannabes this weekend performing amazing stunt-man like tricks you’ve probably stumbled upon the annual SF Parkour International Jam.

The free three-day event brings together parkour enthusiasts and freerunners (known as “traceurs”) from all over the Bay Area to perform like urban ninjas, vaulting over walls and swinging from bars like they’re extras in a Rush Hour movie.

Relying solely on their own bodies to creatively overcome physical obstacles in a city environment quickly, efficiently and gracefully, keep a look out for these flying freerunners and their fast feet.

2018 Parkour International Jam
Friday-Sunday, June 8-10, 2018
All over the Bay Area

All skill levels – from expert ninjas to first-timers and even spectators – are welcome to attend. Please note, this won’t be a regular beginner day, but if you’re interested in parkour, definitely come out and watch some crazy urban ninja action.

> Full 2018 Schedule

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