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LaborFest 2019: Press Freedoms & Whistleblowers | SF

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Saturday, July 20, 2019 - 2:00 pm | Cost: FREE
518 Valencia | 518 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA

2019 LaborFest | July 2-31

LaborFest is an annual festival celebrating the history and culture of working people through film, art, lectures, and exhibits all over the Bay Area from July 2-31, 2019.

This year’s theme, Labor on the edge: Dystopia or a future for workers.

LaborFest this year celebrates the 85th anniversary of the San Francisco General Strike. The 1934 General Strike transformed San Francisco and the Bay Area into a strong union center in the United States. It also allowed hundreds of thousands of workers to join unions because of the collective power of the working people.

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Today, for the first time in decades, some union leaders, including the CWA AFA president Sarah Nelson, are calling for another general strike against the attacks on Federal workers and the entire working class.

This has also become the year of the teacher. Working people are on the move. For the first time in US history, hundreds of thousands of teachers, including in Oakland and Los Angeles, have been in the streets fighting for their rights and their students for a decent public education.

Working people are also organizing in San Francisco, including Anchor Steam workers, healthcare workers, and the VCA veterinarian workers. The need for unions is greater than ever, and despite efforts to stop workers from organizing, workers continue to join unions.

Saturday, July 20, 2019
2019 LaborFest | July 2-31

Journalists and whistleblowers are under attack, from Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning to freelance journalist Bryan Carmody in San Francisco. When the president of the United States calls journalists “scum” and encourages his supporters to verbally and physically threaten journalists, the right of all journalists to do their work is threatened.

The raid by the San Francisco police of Byran Carmody’s home and office in flagrant violation of the California Shield law is another example that press freedom is a local, national, and international issue.

This forum will look at the issue of who is a journalist and the right of journalists to do their work. Although Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has been a member of the Australian MEEA’s Media section since 2007, and this is the trade union that represents Australia media workers, the media, however, continue to argue that he is not a journalist and does not deserve to be protected.

The use of a 1917 US espionage law to target Assange now opens the way to charge all journalists and newspapers that use material from whistleblowers. This is a basic challenge to our freedom and right to information.

Initial Speakers: Mickey Huff, Project Censored; Steve Zelter, KPFA WorkWeek Radio; Ann Garrison, Black Agenda KPFA

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Cost: FREE
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Address: 518 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA

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